How to Help Your Child Develop Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skill development is necessary for children to be able to learn to tie their shoes successfully or to hold a pen properly. Babies have poor fine motor skills. That’s why they grab items with their whole fists instead of between two fingers. Learning how to manipulate fingers independently and together is a hallmark of fine motor skill development. Help your child learn these skills with a few fun activities easily done at home or on the go.


One of the easiest ways for children to build up the muscles in their hands is by playing with playdough, a classic activity in early childhood development Desoto TX. Squeezing and rolling the homemade or store-bought dough strengthens little fingers.

Finger Play

Finger play songs such as “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Little Bunny Foo Foo” teach musicality, rhythm and fine motor skills. In fact, you can add hand movements to almost any song or poem. Kids love to dance with their fingers even while strapped into a car seat.

Pincher Games

There are any number of games that can be played with pincher tools such as tongs, tweezers or eye droppers. An inexpensive set of small plastic tongs and a bag of large pom-poms makes a great muscle building and sorting activity. Once she’s mastered the tongs, move her up to a pair of large safety tweezers, found at school supplies stores, to use with smaller pom-poms. Finally, an eye dropper really works those pincher muscles. Set junior up in the bathtub or back yard with several containers of colored water and help him discover how colors blend and change one drop at a time.


Mastering the fingering of scissors is quite an accomplishment. Plastic safety scissors and playdough snakes are a great way to get the gist of the grip and hand movement necessary to operate scissors before moving onto paper (but hopefully hot hair).

Many games and toys naturally help children improve their fine motor skills. It doesn’t hurt, however, to add in a few extras to help them on their way.


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