ADONIS Reproductology help with quality

The most qualified help for your family in the most different areas of the medical field – ADONIS Medical Group of Companies is your chance to experience first-class assistance and to ensure the best health for your children.

Long time experience is the main bail of your safety. More than 23 years of human reproduction help from Medical Center ADONIS and around 10 years of experience from the Medical Center ADONIS Family.

If you want to rely on the most qualitative clinic – ADONIS is the right place for it!

The widest ADONIS staff of professionals provides the full cycle of treatment in the field of Reproductology: 

  • Male and female infertility assessment
  • Gynecological and urological diseases treatment (both therapeutic and surgical)
  • ART programs preparation (including all possible tests and treatment)
  • IVF and ICSI treatment (including donor’s programs)
  • Surrogacy Programs
  • Sperm, oocytes and embryos cryobank

ADONIS ‘own facilities are of greater scale. We control every step of the treatment process to ensure the highest quality and assurance. From the variety of options every patient can choose the suitable variant which includes total support, care and medical qualification.

ADONIS own medical properties include: 

  • ADONIS own the newest examination laboratory
  • ADONIS own totally tested donor bank – genetic material, Surrogate mother, cord blood, stem cells
  • ADONIS own licensed cryobank
  • ADONIS own Neonatology Department
  • ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals
  • ADONIS own Clinical Research Department

When you choose ADONIS clinics – you choose the quality and only happy emotions from the treatment process and stay.

The main reasons to choose ADONIS are quite clear for everyone:

  • We follow exceptional quality and safety standards. Our team of fertility specialists is one of the most experienced and innovative teams in Ukraine with more than 20 years of scientific experience in this field.
  • We follow personalized medicine standards and develop the most effective treatment plan according to the patients’ diagnosis, requirements, wishes and needs.
  • We are accredited by the National Ministry of Health and have all the necessary licenses and permissions from the Ukrainian Government.
  • We take care of staying comfortable. Each patient has a personal coordinator who provides all the necessary informational support as well as translation and stays in touch 24/7.

ADONIS Medical Center effectively deals with fertility problems of our patients with different methods, which include IVF, Surrogacy, Egg and Sperm Donation, PGS.

We ensure the highest level of care of you babies from their first days of life with ADONIS Pregnancy Care and Maternity Care Programs.

ADONIS Departments of Pediatrics, Urology and Gynecology amaze with treatment results.

Together with an individual approach, we try to improve our knowledge and  to introduce the latest technologies in the field of Reproductology.

In ADONIS clinics you will find the newest directions and medical techniques approved by the worldwide professional society.

Have the best treatment for your closest people and yourself. ADONIS Medical Group of Companies will give a sense of safety and confidence. Come and try!

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