Things to consider while buying diapers in bulk

Congratulations on your child(s) birth!!! While you be enjoying the new addition to your family, in the initial phase, soon your little munchkin is going to wear you down. Be prepared.

Apart from feeding, the other favourite activity of newborn is peeing & pooping. While you are adjusting to the changing table and figuring out which diaper suites your little one best, providing you with a interesting read on how you can SAVE money buying diapers in bulk online.

Buying diapers in bulk not only helps you be prepared for future emergencies but at the end of the day gives some relief to your pocket. Moreover, you do not have to run out, again and again, to purchase diapers for your baby. This saves you a lot of time as well.

If you’re a new parent, you probably have many questions on your mind regarding diapers. You must be wondering how many diapers your baby would require in a day, how many diapers should you purchase and so on… Further, the more daunting task is to compare features and prices among different brands.

To help ease out your search and few of your queries, we are detailing few pointers which would surely help you making the right decision while buying diapers in bulk for your child.

Pointers for purchasing diapers in bulk

Owing to the large number of diapers your baby will be needing, it is a wise decision to purchase several cheap diapers (without compromising on the quality and buying from trusted brands). 

  1. Number of diapers 

On an estimate, a newborn baby goes through 12 diapers each day. In addition to being mentally prepared for that many changes, you also need to be financially ready with an ample number of diapers to sustain your baby’s need.

Despite an estimate given, different babies have different diaper requirement frequencies. Therefore, it is best to purchase the cheapest diapers in bulk and be ready to predict how many diapers your baby needs in a day as they grow.

  1. Diaper sizes 

Diaper sizes depend on the weight of the baby instead of the age of the baby. It is practically impossible to generalise what weight your baby will be by a specific period. For eg: there could be a baby who is over 10 lbs in their second month, and some baby would be 4 lbs in the same time frame. In such cases, one baby may need a different size of diaper than the other. It all depends on your child’s birth weight and their weight gain process.

Generally, all parents understand the general trend of weight gain in their babies and can forecast the size change in the diaper that would be needed. It is not that difficult and I am sure you too will know it quickly.

Also, the diaper size that you order for your baby is not meant to be a one size fit for all babies. Therefore, make sure you weigh your baby properly before ordering the cheapest diapers online. 

  1. Diaper demands 

One should purchase diapers keeping their demand in mind. Diaper demands change over time as your baby starts growing.

A newborn child requires most number of diapers. When your child enters the poop training stage, they’ll only be needing a maximum of five diapers a day.

You must keep this demand in mind while purchasing diapers for your baby. There is no point in buying many diapers for your baby during the poop training stage. You will not only be wasting your money, but providing your child with more diapers during the training stage will not allow them to get trained.

Final thoughts

We hope our article helps you understand what all you need to consider while buying diapers for your little one. Further buying diapers in bulk is always considered a more cost-efficient way of managing diaper needs of your child.

Many parents adapt the combination method of disposable diapers and reusable diapers to further reduce on their diapering costs. Plan your diaper buying accordingly.

Parenting is not an easy job, and planning makes it a manageable job to perform.

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