Montessori Arches: A Way to Help Your Child to Develop

According to the Montessori system, furniture for the development of children was explicitly designed for the kid to promptly master all motor abilities, maintain balance, and improve creative reasoning and orientation in space. The best example of such furniture is montessori arches which gained the love of millions of parents worldwide. Its rungs are not round but oval, which can withstand the weight of even an adult, and thanks to the ergonomic shape, the child will be as comfortable as possible to play here.

The arch is made of natural wood, which likewise guarantees a much more critical product quality than all comparable models on the market. Wood and Hearts produces children’s furniture in line with the most demanding European standards. That is why fittings for children’s development are in no way inferior to the products of manufacturers from Europe.

Why choose an arch for a baby

The arch develops the baby’s motor skills, physical strength, agility, spatial imagination, gives freedom in the game, self-confidence, and the joy of achievement:

  • This product is suitable for practice and playing. It is produced to strengthen the muscles of the baby, a sense of balance, imaginative reasoning.
  • The arch is constructed of high-quality polished wood. The wood is highly enduring and resilient. For coating, only high-quality water-based paints, environmentally friendly varnish is applied.
  • All components of the product are entirely sanded by hand. The manufacturer makes sure that everything is in flawless condition. It does not cause allergic reactions, does not emit toxic essences.

These children’s furniture is a valuable assistant for parents and educators. All children are naturally mobile, and this furniture is ideal for climbing and playing. The wooden arch helps the child develop the skills of movement, agility, and reaction. It is also a great leg trainer to help prevent flat feet.

Arch features

The concept of the arch playing system is based on respect for the child’s personality in daily care practices, freedom of movement, and play. It is significant to create such conditions for the child to stimulate his initiative, competence, activity, development. Therefore, an arch is the best solution for kids to develop harmoniously.

Along with the development of physical properties, practice on the arch teaches the child to understand his body, feel it in space, and develop a sense of balance. And all this can take place without the direct help of parents. Of his own free will, the kid will independently begin to master new ways of movement, new postures, and capabilities of his body. The child will enjoy his activity, his actions. He will have the desire to move and be active. Such children subsequently have better control over their bodies, fall less, move more consciously.

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