5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained this summer

Summer is in full swing, but what are you doing to keep your kids entertained? As the temperature rises and school ends, many kids will stay inside all summer. This can lead to boredom and, in worst cases, depression. So how do you make sure your child is happy this summer? Here are 5 great ways to keep them entertained through the TV this summer.

Choose the best program for your kids.

A perfect way to keep those kids entertained is choosing the right TV show or movie. We recommend choosing a kids TV entertainment show that is age-appropriate. For younger kids, we recommend something with educational value. For older kids, you can choose something more entertaining.

Also, try to avoid fast-paced shows where there are a lot of commercials that might confuse them.

Plan to make sure they have enough hours in the day

One of the most important things you can do is plan. When your children are bored, it might be tempting to give them more screen time. But that’s not always the best idea. The American Academy of Pediatrics opines that kids not watch more than 2 hours of screen time per day. This will ensure they get enough physical activities and a well-rounded childhood experience. You should also plan out your summer days to know how many hours there will be in the day for them to play outside or do other activities. If there are only a few hours in the day, then make sure they’re engaging with their screens at a set time and limiting their screen time to just one hour per day.

Get them outside for fun activities.

Get the kids outside for fun activities. Kids will be able to spend time in the sun, make friends, and enjoy various outdoor activities. Activities such as swimming, biking, playing on the swingset, or just exploring the outdoors can be ways to entertain your child. Plus, they’re all so much more enjoyable when done with other children! But if you don’t want your children outside all day, that’s okay too.

Keep an eye on what else is going on in their life

One way you can help is to remind your child that they should think of this as a vacation. Your kids need to get outside and enjoy the summer with friends and family, so make sure they spend time doing that too.

You could also plan out a list of games for your kids to play together with other children in the neighborhood. You might think of games like Capture the Flag or Red Rover.

Give them space to do their own thing.

Some parents get so worried about their kids getting bored that they try to entertain them constantly. But the truth is, you can’t entertain your child all the time and giving them some space to do their own thing can be a good idea. Consider giving your child some books or letting them play outside. Allow them to explore what they want to do instead of always insisting that you need to do something for them.

To keep your kids busy this season, TV is one of the best options. Get a list of programs that will inspire them, both educational and entertaining.

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