Making Visitation Go Smoothly

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, especially on the children. When the final paperwork is filed, a chapter of your life has ended. However, that also means that a new chapter has just begun. This new chapter involves maintaining a home without your spouse, developing financial independence and working out child visitation. Children often adapt quickly to the new situation, but adults may have trouble. Here are three tips to make each visit a good one.

Be Organized

You likely came up with a yearly schedule in conjunction with your child custody lawyer Austin at the time of the divorce. But there is a difference between a schedule and a plan: a schedule tells you that you have the kids this weekend, whereas a plan includes what activities you will do with them. When you plan ahead regarding what you will do, you also know what you will need. Get gear ready, rather than expecting your ex-spouse to do so. If you are going sledding, have snow boots and sleds on hand; if you are visiting the pool, gather towels and bathing suits.

Be Flexible

Have a plan in place for your custodial time, but be ready to change plans if necessary. Sometimes things go awry. Even Disneyland is no fun if you are running a fever. Illness aside, other events may also arise in a child’s life. Things like sports matches, dance rehearsals, scout meetings and parties with friends are part of any normal childhood. There will undoubtedly be a time when a weekend at your house will coincide with a best friend’s birthday party sleepover. You may not appreciate losing out on time with your child, but it may be wise to allow the sleepover. Friends are not more important than family, and parties do not take priority over your child’s time with you. However, a little understanding and flexibility when conflicts arise can reassure your children that their feelings matter to you.

Be Courteous

Austin divorce attorneys will emphasize to you how important it is that you be polite to your ex-spouse during drop-off and pick-up. Doing so can ease the divided loyalties that children often experience following a divorce. Texas courts emphasize that parents are called upon to help children maintain positive relationships with the other parent. Depending on the age of your children, you and your ex will need to work together for years making educational and medical decisions. You will both attend various events, conferences and ceremonies. All such occasions will go better if you and your ex can get along. The kids will benefit, and you will too

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