3 Types of Nannies to Consider

If you’re looking for personalized care for your children, the many types of nannies Monroe NJ has to offer can be overwhelming. With a little bit of extra knowledge, however, you can easily choose just the right kind of nanny for your family. Here is a little bit of insight on three common types of nannies.

Daytime Nannies

Daytime nannies are one of the most common types of nannies. Whether full-time or part-time, daytime nannies generally come to your home for a set number of hours to provide care for your children. Many daytime nannies will also help shuttle your children to and from extracurricular activities, playdates or appointments while you are away at work. These kinds of nannies live outside the home, but if you’re looking for a nanny who is more intimately involved in your home, consider the next kind of nanny.

Live-In Nannies

Live-in nannies may be a perfect solution for very busy families or families who travel frequently. A live-in nanny will live in the family home and be provided with his or her own bedroom and possibly an additional separate living space. This housing may constitute a portion of the nanny’s wages, but the nanny should also be paid for his or her childcare services. Even though this kind of nanny is almost always in your home, they should still be providing care on an agreed-upon schedule.

Shared Nannies

Shared nannies are an affordable way to get personalized care for your child. “Nanny shares”, as they are often called, involve two (or more) families who pool together funds to pay for one nanny. The nanny cares for all children at the same time, which has two benefits: it allows your children to socialize with other children, and usually results in lower fees for each family involved.

Whatever your family’s situation, there is nearly always a nanny to suit your childcare needs. Whichever type of nanny you choose, you are sure to be providing high-quality, personalized care for your children.


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