Security Solutions to Curb Child Snatching Fears

Recent coverage regarding the threat of child snatching in South Africa, through news stories and the release of statistics, highlight that proper security solutions must be implemented to address this issue. According to a report by News24, a child goes missing in South Africa every 9 hours.These terrifying statistics all lead to the obvious need for improved security solutions across various platforms.

Educational Institution Security


The first call to action should be ensuring that children are safe in their schools. In order to ensure their complete protection, various solutions should be implemented; from guarding services through a reputable security guard company, to more digitalised monitoring systems, such as CCTV applications, which should also be monitored around the clock by a security services company.

Additional precautions that can also be deployed would be implementing a sound access control system in order to monitor who can access the perimeter, and by providing pupils with basic safety education.This could include matters from self-defence to more general knowledge theory, such as never getting into a vehicle with a stranger and always alerting parents to their whereabouts. Having a security audit done on the property by an expert security services company is also invaluable in assessing how safe the location really is, and what can be recommended to boost safety rankings.

Digital and Social Media Security


Parents should be careful of the information that may be shared within their social media posts. With features such as location tagging and checking in, our children’s whereabouts and activities are often mistakenly made known to the public. This is where traffickers often glean their information from to make their next move. Be sure to make use of all your privacy features and remember not to overshare information that could be used to track you and your family.

Security of Malls and Other Public Venues


Most snatching alerts occur in very open public spaces where families can often be followed without being aware of it. Installing a full security solution in these public spaces is imperative, not only for prevention, but also for review purposes. Having a CCTV system deployed will ensure that there is stored footage to be reviewed.Should an incident be reported, the evaluation of this footage can help identify perpetrators and prevent issues from happening again.

Professional security services companies often provide full security solutions; from guarding services, to CCTV installation and monitoring, and security site audits. These full solution services provide malls and shopping centres with the ability to beef-up on security the right way.

Companies that provide security services, such as Apache Security Services, strive to make this world a safer place with top-quality guarding services, as well as many other security service solutions. By making use of these professional services we can work together tocreate a safer environment for ourselves and our children.

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