ADONIS International clinics

The theme of healthcare is important in the whole world. People need to be integrated into the medical aspects for personal awareness and safety. Technological basis, experienced staff, careful surrounding and approved effectiveness  – these are the main aspects that help to identify the good and quality clinic that will satisfy your request.

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies operates for more than 23 years on the worldwide medical market. During this time 14 diagnostic and treatment centers in Kiev and the region have been opened, including 2 ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals and an innovative Stem cell laboratory.

If you’re looking for the highest quality treatment in the variety of directions – ADONIS International is the right choice.

And with this article we want to provide some facts and advantages of ADONIS treating.

ADONIS Worldwide recognition 

From the very start of ADONIS clinics work, we have helped thousands of people to overcome diseases and health problems. We are always ready to welcome patients from different parts of the world, because there are no borders for qualitative treatment.

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies together with the most experienced staff of doctors is recognized by the Worldwide medical society as the high level establishment.

The combination of professional approach, practice, careful surroundings and supporting service helps us to reach essential results. 

ADONIS International holds various certifications and awards: 

  • Ukrainian Ministry of Health accreditation
  • FDA certificated embryo laboratory
  • International Organization of Standardization certificated (ISO)
  • Excellence patient service award

ADONIS innovations 

We implement the latest technological innovations to make your treatment really effective. Every Treatment Program (without reference to the direction) ensures a well-developed list of services that are carried out on ADONIS’ own basis.

When treating in ADONIS, every patient can take advantage of the highest level services. 

ADONIS treatment advantages include the following:

  • Technological Embryo laboratory
  • Stem cells laboratory and medical research center
  • Clinical examination department
  • Licensed cryobank
  • Surrogate and Genetic material database
  • Maternity Hospitals
  • The private higher educational institute

ADONIS for foreign patients 

The whole treatment process of ADONIS is carried out in Ukraine, Kyiv. But it does not mean that we do not have special offers for our foreign patients.

As it was said before we provide the best medical assistance for people from any point of the globe.

ADONIS own International Patients Department ensures your informational support from the first day of request. We can organize the start of the Treatment Program at a distance (it depends on the kind of the Program), consultation about the treatment stages and processes, price formation clarification and many other important aspects.

For patients from the USA and Canada there is The North American Headquarters of the ADONIS Medical Group –

ADONIS Fertility International LLC. It is focused on coordination, support and the logistics of all selected services.

The great medical experience is waiting for you in ADONIS International clinics – come and see for yourself.

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