How to tell a bad babysitter

If you’re looking for a babysitter, there are so many options you can get today. However, getting the appropriate one can be a tall order. Yes, you have your friends and relatives who may be having referrals but getting a guy who will satisfy your requirement is not easy. A good babysitter will be honest, polite, responsible, and someone who loves the baby.

If you have one already, then some signs will tell you it’s probably high time you look for another one.

Your baby is afraid of the babysitter.

You may notice that the child is getting anxious in their presence and looking withdrawn and probably when you’re leaving the house they look uncomfortable. Mark you, for the first few days of a new babysitter, the child may throw a tantrum here and there when you’re leaving the house. That could be because they’re not yet used to the new babysitter. But if after some time they are not changing, or they don’t seem to adjust, then it could probably mean that there’s a problem.

It’s important to understand that the babysitter will never replace you as a parent built the baby should at least be comfortable with them. Just like adults, the chemistry between the baby and babysitter is essential and could be they aren’t a good match.

When the babysitter acts secretively

When you return home, you want to hear what your child was up to the entire day. An honest babysitter will tell you everything and in fact, are excited to tell you the improvements in the baby. How much they open up will tell you their level of interaction. A babysitter who is selective in what there are telling you and they’ve not much to show for their interaction with the baby may not be the best for you. Some will just be cooking answers on the spot and are not willing to talk about their experience with the baby may have a hidden agenda, and that could mean you look for a better babysitter.

Frequent accidents

It’s normal to have some accidents once in a while as the baby grows. But you should be quick to notice when the accidents are just too much. Sometimes, it could be out of negligence that the baby is involved in such. That occasional bump, cut or scrape isn’t that bad- the baby is growing and learning new things after all. However, if you’re noticing an occurrence of accidents ever other time, you should be worried. The baby may have injuries in places that will show carelessness on the babysitter like on the head, private parts and such.

When the babysitter isn’t taking instructions

You know the best you want for your baby, right. Therefore every time you’re leaving home, you give instructions to the babysitter , which must be followed. If you notice that they aren’t following them, then, it’s a reason enough to look for an alternative. Failure to take instruction could be a sign that they’re disinterested or they are just careless, and that is not the kind of a person you want to trust with your baby.

Your babysitter is the baby’ care-given when you’re away, and therefore you have to get the best. Watch out for some of the red flags and if you notice some funny behavior, don’t take chances. Get a reliable babysitting agency that will connect you to the best babysitter.


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