How To Prepare Babies For Time Zone Change

Although babies are known to sleep very often, a change in time zone can present a bit of discomfort to them. A change in time zone can alter your baby’s mental, physical and behavioral routines which you as a parent must have mastered. Subsequently, your baby’s sleep schedule will also change for a couple of days.

When your baby wakes up one or two hours earlier in accordance with his/her regular routine in the former time zone, it can make them groggy and tired. With some help from you, your baby can adjust easier to a new time zone. Steps to prepare babies for time zone change include:

  • Start early

It is not necessary that you get to your destination first before you begin working on your baby’s routines. Check out the new time zone you will be taking on and work on your baby’s schedule to meet up with it daily. To do this, you can put your baby to bed earlier or later based on the time zone, and wake them up accordingly. You can also adjust nap times according to the time zone too.

  • Schedule the flight wisely

When scheduling your flight, ensure that your baby’s sleeping schedule is considered. You can schedule a flight for your baby’s sleep period. This way your baby will sleep through most of the flight or all of it, and you can get some shut-eye yourself. When traveling during sleep hours, put down the shades, reduce sound and adjust your time to match up with your new time zone.

When you schedule your flight for your baby’s sleep time, it will help your baby adjust better to the new time zone schedule and is also more peaceful. For a shorter flight, you can book a flight for your baby’s nap period.

  • Give your baby time to adjust

When you get to your new location, it might take a couple of days for your baby to adjust. Keep in mind that how much time your baby takes to adjust depends on how much time zone you cross.

Before your baby fully adjusts you can change her feeding schedule gradually. When he/she wants to go to sleep based on the old time zone schedule, you can slowly coax him/her to stay awake until they get used to the time zone.

  • Provide your baby reassurances

When you move to a new location, your baby will definitely be aware of it. While adjusting to time zone change, he/she will also be adjusting to a new environment. It is important that you bring along items which are familiar to your baby such as toys, blankets, and drapes. Also, it is important that you spend a lot of time with him/her to reassure them that you are around. One place that’s great for finding baby items to keep your little one occupied and also a great place to find uper cute clothes is Bitsy Bug Boutique –

These steps listed above make it easier for your baby to adjust to a new time zone. When you return home, you can also repeat the steps to adjust your baby to the time zone.

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