5 Tips for Dealing With a Colicky Baby

The newborn stage can be challenging in many ways for new parents, and having a colicky baby can be one of the hardest stages. Doctors haven’t found a reason why colic happens, which makes it difficult to treat. Instead, there are various methods you can use to try and soothe a baby with colic so that you can get some relief from the continual crying.

  1. Infant Massage

Massage can help promote relaxation in infants, and you can search for a local class on infant massage Washington DC to help you learn how to do it well. The gentle strokes and the skin-to-skin contact can provide the stimulation necessary for your baby to calm down.

  1. Swaddling

Mimicking the womb can help soothe a baby. A proper swaddle keeps the arms tight against the body of your baby to enhance the feeling of security. Only use swaddling until your baby can roll over.

  1. Positioning

Holding a baby face-up can exacerbate the crying due to colic. Try holding your baby face-down on your arm. The pressure on the belly can ease gas pains that can contribute to the crying episodes.

  1. Pacifiers

Infants have a strong sucking reflex for the first few months of life. This can be soothed when they eat, but if they’re constantly fussy, it may be time to try a pacifier.

  1. Noise

The womb is an extremely noisy environment with sounds as loud as a vacuum cleaner. Turn on a fan, sound machine, dryer or radio static to see if the extra sounds can keep your baby calm.

An important thing to remember during this season is to take care of yourself. It’s OK to put your baby in a safe place and escape from the crying for a few minutes. A break can help lower your stress levels so that you can come back slightly refreshed and ready to handle the next hour. Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends for help.


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